About Incubation

Facilities Available

Technology Counseling

We help startups in evaluating the technology and know-how. We aim for providing competent advice to a business startup. Our technical team provide suggestions and tips for better product development or equipment acquisition to the ventures. We concentrates on amplifying productiveness at minimized expenditures for these firms.

Business Facilitation

We help our startups perform pre-feasibility studies, Project appraisal, Market Research and techno-economic analysis of businesses. We also provide provision to our startups to access research papers online from our host institute’s online portal which can give them an insight on the relevant researches in their respective areas.


We conduct various training programs on a regular basis as an initiative, for the enrichment of entrepreneurial, technical and managerial skills for our startups, students community as well as individuals who have a strong inclination towards business. These programs are taken by visiting faculties, management gurus, officials from central and state government sectors and private sector, subject matter experts and the patrons of NITC incubation who are from diverse technical backgrounds. Training would be provided in specialized technical areas like Entrepreneurship Development, Management and Legal compliance.


Apart from incubation, we also contribute to the enrichment of the students of NITC by providing student internship at TBI. In this process, the students get a chance to interact with the startups and learn entrepreneurship skills. These interactions trigger flows of ideas in the students, which enable them to the foundation of a startup concept. Moreover, we motivate our incubatees to take part in national-level or state-level exhibitions which provide them with a platform to showcase their products to the potential investors and tech-enthusiasts.

Infrastructure Facilities

TBI manages its incubation program in three building spaces with a total space of nearly 7000 sq. ft. TBI-NITC provides the following facilities to the incubated companies:

  • Office space
  • Computers ( on monthly rental basis)
  •  Printer with a scanner.
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection.
  • Standard Furniture (as per the standard decided by TBI)
  • Meeting/Conference room with a projector.
  • Fax machine.
  • Photocopying machine.
  • Uninterrupted power supply.
  • Laboratory facilities.
  • Library: Management Books, Research papers on IT, Business, Management and Trade, Journals and newspapers.

Some Additional Benefits

  • Visiting IIM faculty for assistance in the management area
  • Faculties of NITC will provide necessary technical support
  • Excellent brand image
  • Effective networking with national and international technical institutions and incubators
  • Ready to use infrastructure at a concessional rate
  • Institutional Support from the authorities
  • An efficient Governing body and an advisory committee with industrial, financial
    management and institutional support
  • Available financial support under TIDE, TDB and MSME.