Mentoring as the need of the hour

Being an incubator giving great focus on technology and technology-based startups, we give huge significance to the mentorship of our startups. We consider that one of our greatest strengths is the strong faculty base our host institute has and the strong mentorship supports our incubatees receive from them. Apart from this, we connect our incubatees to the industry leaders and management masters through mentoring sessions held occasionally. Some of our associates in the mentoring panel are listed below.

Dr. Baiju G Nair
Dr. Md. Anaul Kabeer
Dr. George K Varghese
Dr. Lisa Sreejith
Dr. Lyla B Das
Dr. T. M. Madhavan Pillai
Dr. S. D. Madhukumar
Dr. V. Madhusudanan Pillai
Dr. P. Predeep
Mr. Raghu C. V.
Dr. Rajanikant G. K
Dr. M. K. Ravi Varma
Dr. A S Sajith
Dr. V. Sajith
Dr. Sujith A
Shri. Suresh Kumar K S
Dr.G Unnikrishnan
Dr. Vineeth Paleri
Dr. Abraham T Mathew
Shri. Anil Balan
Shri. K. A. Ajayan
Shri. Damodar Avanoor
Shri. Duleep Sahadevan
Shri. Martin K M
Shri Nityanand Kamath
Shri. Pratap S Kumar
Shri. Shilen Sagunan
Shri. Subhash K. M
Shri. Yogesh Keshavan
Dr. Abraham T Mathew