Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP), designed to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial awareness as well as skills is a decade-long programme conducted at TBI NITC for which we have been receiving good participation from both within the campus of NITC and the general public. This has also turned out to increase the entrepreneurial development within the region.


Faculty Development Programme or FDP as it is commonly called is a programme conducted by TBI NITC since close to last ten years with an aim of inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in NIT. The programme is a platform for the faculty to venture through the various Entrepreneurial opportunities. FDP also aims to fine-tune the capabilities of the faculty pertaining to Entrepreneurship. Emphasis will be given to Entrepreneurship in education, Importance of Entrepreneurship, Role of DST and other supporting agencies in Entrepreneurship Development, Need of promoting Entrepreneurship among students, Mode of promotions of student entrepreneurship, Motivating the students to become entrepreneurs, Importance of communication in Entrepreneurship, Talk on regulatory compliance and preparation of business plans. The faculty development programme thus aims at not only promoting faculty participation in Entrepreneurship by providing mentorships to students venturing into entrepreneurship but also provide an avenue for the faculty to enhance their researches that address social or societal concerns at large that eventually can turn out as successful enterprises.


The primary aim of Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) is to benefit educated youths (graduates in engineering/ management, arts and science and diploma holders in engineering) who aspire to be self-employed. TEDP is an avenue where technology enthusiasts get an opportunity to get exposed to the emerging trends in technology, get awareness about the market potential of various technologies and get an interactive platform to interact with highly qualified speakers Newew with great technical expertise. TEDP also provides an industry exposure to the participants through the industrial visits arranged during the program by which the participants will have an opportunity to closely watch the practical side of running a business. Various topics like Food Processing, Hardware and Networking, Rubber Technology and Applied Electronics and Networking were the areas of focus in different years.


Women are considered to contribute to a great extent to the economic development of the nation through their active presence and participation in diverse fields. With an aim of empowering those of them who take a leap in entrepreneurship, TBI NITC has been conducting WEDP programmes for women empowerment which is considered to contribute to the overall development of the nation.The thrust areas of focus on WEDP would be :-

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Schemes of Assistance
  • Interactions on business opportunity guidance
  • Interactions with technical experts
  • Interactions with other entrepreneurs
  • Soft skill development
  • Motivational sessions
  • Management guidance in various aspects, to name a few like marketing management, negotiations, regulatory compliance, leadership and networking
  • Factory visits

2019 – 20


FDP 2019 with its highlights on Entrepreneurship will start on 20 Jan 2020 and will be there till 31st of Jan 2020. 

We are glad to inform you that TBI NIT Calicut is conducting Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship. It is our pleasure to invite you to attend this 2 weeks programme starting on 20 January 2020. We assure you that this programme will enable you to think in the Entrepreneurial way and further equip you with skills in identifying and nurturing the young student Entrepreneurs thereby creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem within your Institute. This is a strong initiative to transform you and enable you identify Entrepreneurs within you as well as within your Institute.

Please find attached the following

  1. Brochure_FDP 2019_TBI NIT Calicut
  2. Google form link (The filled in form may be submitted to initiate your application)

  1. Application Form (The duly filled application form which is endorsed by the Head of the Department/ Head of the Institute) may be submitted for confirming your registration for the programme  FDP APPLICATION FORM 2019-20

Confirmations for the applied applicants will be done on a first come first serve basis. Hence it is requested to please give your applications at the earliest to ensure your seat.


Food and refreshments for the entire course duration would be sponsored by TBI NITC.

Accommodation for those who require the same will also be arranged by TBI.

There is no registration fee  for this programme.




EDP II was conducted from 03rd October 2018 to 30th October 2018 with a total of 20 participants. Various sessions and interactions on Entrepreneurship was covered in the programme along with the Industrial visit to a regional small scale industry.


It was held from 29 January to 24 February 2018. A total of 20 candidates attended the programme which covered the aspects required for entrepreneurship like techniques to become a dynamic entrepreneur, motivation to be an entrepreneur, opportunities and their identification in the agricultural sector, experience sharing with successful entrepreneurs, high tech farming opportunities, opportunities in food industry, garments and jack fruit industry, success stories of women entrepreneurs, schemes of assistance from KSWDC & KSBCDC, working capital assessment, taxes applicable to SMEs, market survey, loan disbursement procedure from banks and Import and Export procedures.


This was conducted from 26th March to 21 st April 2018. 30 candidates were selected among the applicants. Topics such as Entrepreneurial stress management, different funding schemes by KSBCDC, Hi-tech farming opportunities in the agricultural sector, opportunity identification in poultry industry etc. were covered. Achievement motivation training was conducted for 2 days. These were followed by an industrial visit to the Mini Industria Estate. The sessions were handled by eminent personalities from DIC, KFC, MSME, EDII and entrepreneurs from incubated/ graduated companies of TBI.



It was organized by TBI, NIT Calicut for both graduates and diploma holders from 13th February to 11th March 2017. The participants were provided guidance to set up and manage small-scale industrial or service projects. Interactive sessions with officials from various government departments, commercial banks and financial institutions were organized. The programme majorly served as an interactive platform on topics like product/ project identification, procedures of starting small-scale enterprises, preparation of business plans, and financial and subsidy schemes for new entrepreneurs. The training was indeed a knowledge imparting one with the lectures and mentorships from experts in the managerial, technical and financial areas.


This was conduct from 17th July to 11th August 2017. There were a total of 20 participants who attended the program. They were delegated with various sessions like

  • Business opportunity identifications
  • Opportunities in Agricultural, Electronic and Biopolymers sectors
  • Motivation to be an Entrepreneur
  • Soft skill development and communication
  • Importance of technology-based startups
  • Basic Accounting, preparation of P&L account and balance sheet
  • Applicable taxes for SMEs
  • Marketing management for SMEs

The sessions were handled by eminent personalities from DIC, KFC, MSME, EDII and entrepreneurs from incubated/ graduated companies of TBI.


It was organized from 20th Nov 2017 to 15th Dec 2017. 21 candidates were selected based on the interview conducted for the applicants. Various talks and interactive sessions by eminent and experienced personalities from DIC Kannur and Kozhikode, OISCA, MSME training institute, VKC group etc. were organized. There were interactive sessions and discussions with the incubatee
units of TBI, NIT Calicut. Market surveys were conducted in the form of field works for the participants. An industrial visit was arranged in the Mini industrial estate (MIE), Kozhikode. The industries were:

  • Solar Paper Industry
  • Calicut Surgicals
  • Modern Ice Plant
  • Azad food Products
  • Odissiya Footwears


This was a ten days long program that was conducted from 27 December 2017 to 6 January 2018. It was majorly focused on inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in the students through the faculty. Various possibilities of how to travel the journey of an entrepreneur and the various supports and schemes available for an entrepreneur were discussed. Eminent speakers from across various industry verticals like MSME, DIC, EDI, District Court, Kozhikode & Industries Department, Kerala and educational institutes like IIMK, Amal Jyoti College of Engineering & Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore had delivered their sessions on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The programme was indeed rewarding for all the 20 programme participants based on feedback we received from their end.


TEDP for Food processing was conducted from 06th March 2017 to 15th April 2017. The program was attended by 20 participants. Talks and discussions were conducted on entrepreneurial management and development schemes. Challenges and problems in various food industries were discussed by experienced personnel from the field. Topics such as food processing, machinery used in the food processing industry, catering business etc. were covered. Industrial visits to the District Industrial estate and market surveys were also carried out during the training. The industries visited were :

  • SAICO Spices, Pantheerankavu
  • Choice India Rubber Products Pvt Ltd
  • District Industrial Estate


TEDP, a six weeks full-time intensive programme was conducted from 3rd July to 11th August 2017 and it covered all the aspects of entrepreneurship by exploring topics like product/ project identification, procedures of starting small-scale enterprises, business plan preparation and financial and subsidy schemes for new entrepreneurs by speakers from diverse sectors like specialist officers from govt. promotional depts., commercial banks and financial institutions. In addition to this, lectures were also delivered by renowned industrial consultants specialized in micro and small projects, chartered accountants and successful entrepreneurs. Topics of technical significance like Computer Hardware, Networking, Applied Electronics, Home Automation and Solar energy were also discussed so as to boost up the entrepreneurial spirits of young minds in a sector-specific manner.


This was conducted from 26th of December 2017 to 6th of February 2018. The food industry was of the prime focus of this training program. The number of participants who attended the program was 20. The topics covered included the business opportunity identification in the food sector, how to become a dynamic entrepreneur, various funding schemes from the KSBCDC, panel discussions with incubatees at TBI NITC on opportunities for entrepreneurs, working capital assessment, cash flow analysis, marketing management, market survey (field work), opportunities in the poultry industry, agricultural sector, food industry (fruits and vegetables processing), various packaging techniques of food products, testing and certification of food products, opportunities and trends in coconut industry about food machinery and latest technology, techniques about frozen storage, opportunities in the jackfruit industry and the value-added products, opportunities in goat farming and farm tourism, challenges in bakery business and industrial visits. The program was an enterprising one as it covered sessions in the food industry and the agricultural sector with special focus on the trends and market conditions in the locality which was indeed a motivation for those among the audience with entrepreneurial aspirations to set up businesses locally and thus enable entrepreneurship within the region.


WEDP was conducted from 8th May 2017 to 2nd June 2017. The program was attended by 20 women candidates from across Kerala.



FDP was conducted from 08 Mar 2016 to 18 Mar 2016 and was completed by 19 faculty candidates from various educational institutions around Kerala. The candidates were given talks and classes on various entrepreneurship-related programs and importance of entrepreneurship education. There was also a talk on Establishing IEDC & Promoting Student Innovations and initiatives taken by Kerala government. These were followed by factory visits to M/s. Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP Mukkom road, Kattangal, NIT C PO, Calicut; Ms/. Nucore Software Solutions (P) Ltd. Kinaloor Industrial Estate; Sargalaya at Vadakara



This was organized from 9th March to 1st April 2015 and was attended by 30 candidates. Main topics under discussion included Opportunities in electrical and electronics engineering, agriculture, business planning, the importance of technology-based entrepreneurship, negotiation and networking, motivational talks and market surveys. Industrial visits were conducted to Califer Foot care (India) Pvt. Ltd, Kakkanchery, Choice India Rubber Product Company, Koodaranji Kozhikode and Infinite Open Source Solutions nuCore Software Solutions.


FDP was conducted from 05 Jan 2015 to16 Jan 2015. This was attended and completed by 19 candidates.classes were conducted on the role of IEDC and establishment of IEDC, financial management, patent and other relevant topics related to business management. M/s Choice India Rubber Products, Koodaranji, Calicut; M/s. Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP Mukkom road, Kattangal, NIT C PO, Calicut; Ms/. Nucore Software Solutions (P) Ltd were the industries visited during the course of training. TEDP 2015-16 was conducted from 5th May 2015 to 13th June 2015. The training was successfully completed by 24 candidates. Talks and discussions on topics based on entrepreneurship, Schemes for the assistance of various business related works, preparing a business plan, management, basic accounting and legal formalities in an enterprise were covered. These were followed by a market survey, industrial visit, TBI library visit and fieldwork. Kinfra Techno-industrial Park Kakkanchery, SAICO Spices, Pantheerankavu and Subicsha Coconut Producers Co Ltd, Perambra were visited as a part of the industrial visit.


This program was conducted from 12 Oct 2015 to 20 Nov 2015 with 23 participants.the major events in the program were, talks and classes on business management and entrepreneurship, field works, market survey and industrial visits. Discussions were
conducted by the eminent personalities from the field of business. Latest and advanced trends in IT field, home automation, robotics and their applications were discussed. Industrial visits to the following industries were conducted.

  • Embed Techlabz, West Hill
  • Technix Electronics, Kizhakkoth, Thamarassey
  • National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Calicut (NIELIT)


WEDP was conducted from 3 rd August 2015 to 26 th August 2015 with 25 candidates. A wide range motivational and management based topics were discussed in the sessions. The candidates were highly satisfied with the planning of the programs and discussions conducted as it covered topics which was helpful for becoming a self sufficient and confident entrepreneur. Industrial visits were arranged for the participants for developing their practical knowledge and experience to the following industries.

  • M/s. Subicsha Coconuts Producers Company Ltd; Infinite Open Source Solutions
  • Kattangal NIT Campus PO Kozhikode and NuCore Software Solutions (P) Ltd
    Company Mukku, East Malayamma Road NIT Campus PO Kozhikode were visited as a part of the industrial visits.


This program was conducted from 21 May 2014 to 27 Jun 2014. Along with the highly enlightening talks and discussions about Entrepreneurship and business management, various topics such as leadership modes, export formalities, Value added products of Coconut, Spices Preservation, Precision Farming, Machinery in food Processing etc were discussed. Industrial visits to Kinfra Techno-industrial Park Kakkanchery, SAICO Spices, Pantheerankavu, Milma Central Product Diary were conducted during the course.


WEDP was conducted from 24 Feb 2014 to 20 Mar 2014. 21 female candidates successfully attended and completed the program. Experience sharing by women entrepreneurs, opportunities in solar-based companies, talk on precision farming etc were the major topics discussed along with the business management and development classes by experiences personnels. The candidates were given an opportunity to visit Choice India Rubber Product Mangalam. Koodaranji, Calicut as a part of the industrial visit



EDP was conducted from 30 Dec 2013 to 23 Jan 2014 and was attended by 25 candidates. The sessions and discussions were conducted by eminent personalities from IIM Kozhikode, Centre for Management Development, SOMS, CREST, EDII Regional Centre Thrissur, Govt. Law College Kozhikode etc. Califer Polymer Pvt Ltd Kakkanchery was visited as a part of the industrial visit. The candidates were happy with the training as it was helpful to improve and develop the overall entrepreneurial abilities and qualities.


FDP was conducted from 04 Nov 2013 to 16 Nov 2013 and attended by 24 candidates. Entrepreneurial motivation training was provided to the candidates along with various business management and entrepreneurship development classes and talks. The program was highly rewarding and useful for all the 24 candidates based on the feedbacks given by them. Industrial visits and field work provided exposure and practical knowledge to the candidates.