About Incubation

Incubation Program

Incubation is a business support or business facilitating process that nurtures startups from their ideation phase through incubation and their graduation as successful business entities by providing them with an array of resources and services. These services are orchestrated by the incubator management team and offered both by the business incubator and through its network of contacts, in the form of mentorship and financing.

Business incubation serves as a launch pad for SMEs and startups with the nurturing, supportive and instructive environment required to develop their startup companies right from the provision of renting out space. Business incubation provides direct access to hands-on support in the business, access to finance, to faculty, industry experts and other entrepreneurs for mentorship, access to marketing, to compliance related matters and to in-house facilities like labs and libraries.

Aims Of Our Incubation Program
  • Creating awareness on the scope of entrepreneurship in the region
  • Creation of technology-based new enterprises
  • Creating value-added jobs & services
  • Facilitating transfer of technology
  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Speedy commercialization of Research & Development output
  • Specialized services to existing Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Providing value-added services like legal compliance, IPR