Do you have a great idea which you think Will transform into a technological innovation If you receive the necessary support?

Share your idea with us, for a new and innovative idea to become a successful commercial enterprise, so much supports and mentoring would be necessary. Innovative ideas in biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, agriculture, IT/ ITeS and Electronics are the ones which would be given high priority. We will go through your idea/s, and evaluate the innovative potential, marketability, commercialization and scalability of your idea/s with our expert panel of members from both technical and managerial domains. Based accordingly we shall get back to you if your idea/s get shortlisted and we shall take it forward further to the next level of business plan preparation where our experts would assist you with the technicalities and procedures required for the same. This business plan may be pitched before the TBI NITC’s panel of Executive Members and if approved by the panel, you would be inducted as an incubatee at TBI NITC with the terms and conditions as applicable for an incubatee under TBI NITC.

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